Quartz Worktops in Wallasey Perfectly Designed, Created and Installed

Quartz Worktops in Wallasey The finest custom quartz worktops in Wallasey still come from the original established shop of David Williams. New options in worktops are now available but nothing compares to the quality and skilled craftsmanship of a David Williams worktop. Quartz worktops are always a smart choice offering incredible value for money. Quartz as it comes from the ground, it is the most abundant mineral under Earth’s surface and it’s found all over the world. It’s as durable as the mountaintops of which it is a primary constituent. If durability and beauty are your parameters, then quartz is your stone. We create our custom countertop from engineered quartz. The mineral quartz content by weight is approximately 88% with polyester resin, styrene and pigment making up the balance. 

Our quartz worktops can imitate the look of granite but if you prefer a lighter colour, then you will like quartz. In Wallasey, quartz worktops offer an almost endless selection of possible colour blends. If you love the look of marble but you want a more carefree work surface, then quartz is your stone. Quartz is not only durable but very easy to clean with just warm water and a gentle cleanser. It’s stain and scratch-resistant and never requires sealant. When you visit our showroom you will see a wide selection of quartz selections. We’ll also describe for you our process for creating a custom fit that is exact. It will look as if it was built with the original house. We carefully carry out the whole process from beginning to completion. 

The quartz worktops in Wallasey we create begin with exact measurements. From there we build a template which we test for an exact fit. The actual countertop is cut to the dimensions of the template. Finally, we carry out the final installation with an eye to perfection. Contact us for information on how we can assist you. . You may choose a different worktop someday for this kitchen, but you will never need to. When you compare our custom solid stone worktops to what passes for stone worktops today, the difference in quality is clear. There are thin laminates that are sold as actual stone and they are usually much cheaper. The thing is, they fool no one.

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