Granite Worktops in Irby, Top Quality, Carefully Designed and Crafted

Granite Worktops in IrbyBefore there were granite worktops in Irby made from fake granite, pressed wood worktops with a thin layer of granite laminate and vinyl with a granite photograph laminated on top, there was David Williams. Even before it was trendy to have granite worktops, our experts were carving beautiful granite worktops from solid pieces of stone. Turn it over and it looks the same, top and bottom because it’s a stone. We’ve been designing and crafting custom fitted solid granite worktops for over 50 years. Our team works to a high standard every time following the fail-proof work pattern. We take the measurements ourselves and build a prototype of wood. When we’re sure we’ve fitted it exactly, we transfer the measurements to the granite and carry out the final installation.

Granite continues to be a popular stone for worktops for several very good reasons. In Irby, granite worktops are beautiful with almost any decor. No two are alike because they’ve been formed over millions of years. There’s a little thrill for some just having something in their home created by nature that may predate humans. We don’t make the granite: we simply shape it. Romance and aesthetics aside, granite is an excellent choice because it’s not porous and maintains a dry surface. It doesn’t sweat. That makes it hygienic for food preparation. If we seal the stone it will resist stains. It also resists heat and scratches. Granite cleans easily with warm soapy water.

Granite worktops in Irby are hard and they’ve already lasted millions of years. Likely your granite worktop, carefully crafted by our team, will serve you well for life. Molten magma slowly crystallises to form granite which makes it so hard and also gives it a high shine. The stone can be polished for more of a shine if you choose. That brings out the unique colour and sparkle of the stone.  Contact David Williams and find out about the many selections of granite we have. Select the stone you like the best from our selection and we’ll do the rest. Our prices are reasonable because we don’t have any middlemen. We buy the stone wholesale and do all the work ourselves. Keep in mind too, that this is the only worktop you’ll likely ever need to buy.

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