Our Service

The whole process of creating, designing and completing a unique fireplace takes careful planning. Once this is done we can move forward and create a piece of stunning furniture that will add style and beauty to your home.

There are 4 main steps to getting your perfect fireplace, and they are highlighted below:

The first step is to get the natural stone in raw form from the marble & granite quarries. David Williams gathers both marble & granite from various quarries all over Europe – including Carrara in Italy, Paros & Penteli

After you have decided on the piece of marble or granite, you can join David Williams to design and visualise how your new fireplace will look. David Williams will come to your home and see your living room, and give you expert advice on sizes, measurements, colours and styles that will compliment your house and make sure that it is the centre-piece of the room.

Then we are onto the next stage, which is to start making the fireplace. Our skilful workmen at our very own workshop will begin to produce the fireplace, and once this is completed David Williams will invite you to a ‘viewing’.

And then if you are happy with the finished fireplace an installation date is arranged and the job is completed!