Marble Worktops in Parkgate

Marble Worktops in ParkgateFew things can match the beauty and style of marble worktops in Parkgate. David Williams is a one-stop-shop for customers in the Parkgate area and beyond. Clients can view examples of our work and also get design advice and expert installation facilities from our highly-trained, experienced, talented design team. We are a family-run business and have more than half a century’s experience in working with premium quality stone. We supply and install top-quality quartz and marble kitchen worktops for discerning customers. Marble has always enjoyed great popularity as a work surface in kitchens. Its ability to retain coolness and freshness makes it appealing in the heated environment. This is the perfect surface for rolling pastry as it stays cool while you work on it. It also looks elegant and luxurious. Perhaps the only drawback is that it tends to stain easily because it is porous.

One of the great advantages of choosing marble is that there are many different price points at which you can buy it. In Parkgate, marble worktops should meet your needs, budget and taste. However, it is price sensitive to fluctuations in global markets, so you need to check the current rate before you decide. Marble is a crystal form of limestone and it is used for a variety of purposes like sculpture, flooring, and building. Though there are so many myths and misconceptions about this gorgeous stone, it remains popular. It is available in a huge range of colours, with veins running through the main colour that indicate the different minerals present in the limestone. The more white it is, the more pure the original limestone. Its softness makes it easy to work with but it needs to be handled carefully to avoid chipping and cracks.

Another great plus point with marble worktops in Parkgate is that they blend into any style or theme of interior décor. Whether you choose a classic design or a rustic country one, we can help you to install the perfect colour and pattern. For more information about our marble worktops, contact David Williams.  We offer helpful tips on maintenance and cleaning to keep your counters looking fresh and new.


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