Granite Worktops in Wallasey

Granite Worktops in WallaseyWhy choose granite worktops in Wallasey? Usually, one of the first items to be renovated in the kitchen is the worktop. The worktop comes in many materials and styles, but one material stands out – granite. With a natural stone look, granite is one of the most attractive options, conferring an appealing and luxurious look to an often overlooked item within the kitchen. The material usually has a rustic feel, and there are enough colours and patterns to fit almost any kitchen.

For those renovating their kitchens in Wallasey, granite worktops offer another benefit: durability. Granite is a hard-wearing material, but the full extent of its durability is often overlooked. Consumer Reports performed several tests on the materials and found that it is extremely durable to cuts, scratches and heat damage, which makes it perfect for use in the kitchen. Even the most common durability issue, chipped corners, only comes about if a great deal of force is used, and even then, the corners can be easily repaired. In terms of maintenance, granite only requires resealing every 12 months or so.

Another benefit is the rising price for homes with granite worktops in Wallasey. According to a survey by, a third of home buyers are willing to pay more than the asking price, if the property has a granite worktop. The survey also found, that this item is second on the list of biggest property turn-ons, right after a fitted kitchen. Kitchens in general have a huge impact on the price a buyer is willing to pay for a home, being the most expensive room on a property. Here at David Williams, we have a team of designer craftsmen who specialize in granite and marble. We build and install bespoke kitchen worktops made of quartz or granite, depending on your preferences. If you’d like to find out more information regarding our prices and timetables, contact David Williams today. Take advantage of our full suite of services, and give your kitchen a truly luxurious look.

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