Quartz Countertops in Wirral

Quartz Countertops in WirralOccasionally a client will stop into our shop to order granite and leave us with an order for quartz countertops in Wirral. The two are comparable in good looks and durability. Both resist stains, scratches and heat and both are easy care. The price difference is not great but quartz is usually a little pricier than granite. Either will serve you well for decades and still look beautiful. The difference between the two is granite is natural stone in earthy colours and quartz is man-made but it looks like natural stone and there are many colour choices. Quartz is a naturally hard mineral that combined with polymers and resins at a ratio of 9 to 1 forms a hard surface. Pigments are added to the process to create a variety of colours and natural looking veining.

If you want hardworking countertops with a splash of colour, quartz is for you. Consider a bright white kitchen in Wirral; quartz countertops in green will add a unique splash of colour that can be picked up in curtains and small appliances. The look is fresh and lively; begging for a vase of daffodils and your childs’ framed artwork. You can have purple countertops if that’s your favorite colour but because they’re quartz, they will have a depth and durability that will remind you of a gemstone. When you choose quartz, your imagination can run wild without sacrificing the high class look of strength and durability. Fifty years from now, with a little care, your quartz countertops will be as beautiful as they are today.

Where you buy your quartz countertops in Wirral makes a difference. You can buy it in various thicknesses and that will be a factor in the cost. Beware of cheap laminates that are passed off as solid quartz. For the very best quality quartz, the most precise craftsmanship and installation contact David Williams. We have samples from which to choose in a full range of colours and hues. Every countertop begins with a home visit so we can see how the countertop we build and install fits into your home. You know, your countertop doesn’t have to be a perfect rectangle.  Our craftsmen are some of the best in the business with years of experience in both shaping and installation. Our work is done when our clients are 100% satisfied.

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