Granite Countertops in Caldy

Granite Countertops in CaldyWhen renovating, refurbishing or building brand new, granite countertops in Caldy will give your room that extra Wow! factor that makes them the toast of the town! Granite looks elegant, classy and gives that glossy shine to your kitchen, bathroom or other space where you’d like have work-tops and surfaces. Being a natural stone, its beauty and charm is timeless. Available in a huge range of colours, designs and patterns, granite is a versatile material that’s suited for flooring, work-tops, facades and indeed as a base construction material itself. Adding granite touches to your home can increase its value. Highly durable and long-lasting granite is available at David Williams in a dazzling array of colour options.

We have been producing granite work surfaces in the Wirral for a long time and our delighted customers are a testimony to this. In Caldy, granite countertops supplied and installed by us give that deluxe feel to your interiors. While selecting the right design, colour and style, our experienced, trained and qualified design team can help you with the right advice. Though granite is quite an expensive option, it pays for itself in the long run, because it’s so tough and long-lasting. We encourage our customers to personally pick the slab that they want cut and finished, because there’s no way that a photo can give you the complete picture – the real colour, veining and character of the stone is hard to reproduce on film.

Caring for your granite countertops in Caldy is quite a simple process, provided you’re meticulous and consistent about it. For more information about granite countertops, contact David Williams. Only pH neutral cleaning products should be used because acid or alkaline products can cause pitting or dullness. Never use abrasive scouring pads or cleaning products that have bleach in them. If you have a light-coloured countertop, make sure that you wipe off spills and staining products like wine or sauces at once. Vinegar, alcohol, citrus juices or cooking oil can lead to discoloration. Your countertop may need resealing occasionally to keep the surface non-porous. Get in touch with our expert staff and we can help you get the granite countertop of your dreams!

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