Granite Worktops in Hoylake

Granite Worktops in HoylakeDavid Williams believes in choosing granite worktops in Hoylake for all the right reasons. If you choose granite just because it has been the trend you won’t go wrong. However, it’s good to know why this particular stone is so popular. We want worktops in our homes, businesses and retail shops that are beautiful and granite is beautiful. There are many colours from which to choose which gives off sparkle and shine. Those sparkles are interlocked crystals that produce granite’s sought after durability. It has been used to build ancient pyramids, gravestones meant to last for centuries and Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain in London. Used for the design of great architecture, strong, beautiful granite is now enjoyed as part of our interior design.

Since granite has become a top choice for worktops in homes, the charlatans have jumped on board. In Hoylake, cheap granite laminates and outright fake products created to look like granite are sold. Unsuspecting shoppers may think they are getting a good deal on granite when in fact, they have paid a premium price for a fake product. We specialise in fine stone work using first quality granite slabs. Once you see our selection of natural granite in our show room, it will be hard to fool you. True granite is thick and heavy. The sparkle is spontaneous in the light. The granite countertops that we custom make for you will likely not be damaged by years of vegetable chopping and kids’ cooking and science experiments.

Custom made from templates and perfectly fitted granite worktops in Hoylake are not just for kitchens. A wide slab of natural granite makes an ideal surface for cutting and sewing from patterns or other forms of crafting. It’s a wonderfully smooth surface for the laundry room sorting and folding. Contact David Williams for a perfectly fitted worktop from authentic granite. We begin with a home visit for measuring, build a template and create a beautiful worktop from your selection of granite from our showroom. We’ve saved the best for last. Now that you know authentic granite when you see it, believe in its durability and know your home will be aesthetically enhanced by its use, celebrate its affordability.

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