Quartz Worktops in West Kirby

Quartz Worktops in West KirbyWhat’s so special about quartz worktops in West Kirby Our stone workers at David Williams have installed  many quartz worktops over our years in business. Our domestic customers choose Quartz because it is the hardest surface you can get for your worktops; that means it‘s especially durable and can last a lifetime. Quartz is an excellent choice for avid cooks because it can take the frequent and enthusiastic use. It resists scratching, scorching and stands up to high impact tasks like pounding that chicken breast paper thin and tenderizing any beef cut. Chop vegetables and never leave a mark. You should still use a cutting board, but if you forget you likely won’t ruin your worktop. Because quartz is so hard, it doesn’t hold bacteria, making it hygienic.

We at David Williams deal only with companies like Samsung who are proven to use top quality stone in the manufacture of worktops. For our customers in West Kirby, quartz worktops come in many colours and can be engineered to look like marble or granite. Since quartz is quarried in smaller chunks instead of large slabs like some stone, it’s combined with premium resins and formed into slabs. Our stone workers at David Williams can then shape your worktop to suit. Many of our customers carry the quartz theme to other areas of the kitchen, like a deep window ledge or shelving. If the kitchen and family room is combined, they might pick up the quartz theme for their family room fireplace or game table top.

You can find inferior quartz worktops in West Kirby but don’t be fooled by prices so low they’re too good to be true. Come visit us or contact David Williams so we can show you what an authentic quartz worktop should look and feel like. The rich quality is clear when you hold it in your own hands. As for workmanship, David Williams doesn’t just measure twice and cut once like others. We add a few more steps and build a template first and we don’t cut the stone until you’ve approved the template fit. To meet our standards and the standards of our discriminating customers, our worktops look like they floated into place. Not everybody can do that.

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