Granite Countertops in Parkgate

Granite Countertops in ParkgateIf you are looking to install granite countertops in Parkgate, find a supplier who provides high quality granite. David Williams is an established company that boasts a team of six committed craftsmen, David Williams himself and his wife and son, Jeannie and Charlie. As a family-run company, we instil the morals and values that we practise at home into the work that we do every day.

A granite countertop is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. In Parkgate, granite countertops provide a number of advantages over wooden or other material countertops. A granite countertop is a hygienic countertop. It resists dirt and bacteria. As the countertop is sealed, the granite is not porous and spills will not soak into it. It also means that it is easy to keep clean, and in fact, requires very little maintenance. Granite is a classy material, and having a granite countertop installed in your kitchen will add value to your property. And with its elegant and high end looks, it will also add a stylish finish to your kitchen. Granite does not break easily, and this makes it an ideal material for a countertop in a busy family kitchen. As it is heat and cold resistant, you won’t have to worry about hot pans and pots leaving a burn mark on the surface.

Granite countertops in Parkgate are expertly crafted by David Williams. We are proud to offer a complete service of templating, manufacturing and installation by our own team. Contact David Williams today to arrange a time to bring a sketch of the layout of your kitchen and to plan your new granite countertop. We will advise you on the available range of granite, and will assist with design and layout. Once we are both happy with the result, we will provide an estimate for the cost of the work to be completed. We are proud of our enviable reputation for our quality workmanship, customer service and fair prices. Add a new look to your home and speak to David Williams about a stylish granite countertop for your kitchen.

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