Marble Worktops in West Kirby

Marble worktops in West Kirby Marble worktops in West Kirby are designed and installed by our experienced team. Once you have the design of the kitchen cabinets we will measure the surface area and make drawings of the layout so that we can deliver a perfect finished product. There are very few master stone carvers who have the years of experience that David Williams has. We understand marble and find its purity is enhanced by our shaping and polishing. Our team will install the marble worktop perfectly. The stone is heavy and needs to be carefully handled during transport and installation. The last thing needed is a crack if a slab is dropped. We also make sure that there are no chips or scratches when we fit the new worktop.

Fitting a new kitchen is a daunting task. It is inconvenient and takes a while to finish properly. In West Kirby, marble worktops are one of the last items to go into the kitchen but they become the focal point of the whole room. Who would not adore the shine and hygienic appearance of a marble worktop? The stone is cold and makes a perfect surface for baking. It is easy to clean and because it is pale it can brighten your kitchen with reflected light. Marble often has colour swirls or flecks in the cream or white stone. This can help you colour coordinate your kitchen to perfection.

Marble worktops in West Kirby can be the crowning glory to your new kitchen. We have over 50 years of experience as designer craftsmen working in stone. Contact David Williams today or visit our showroom and see the exquisite marble worktops we have created. We also design bath surrounds in marble and vanity tops. Whichever one you choose it will be a work of art and will give your home a stunning new look. There are many different colours to choose from and we can design patterns to finish off the stone.

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