Marble Countertops in Parkgate

Marble Countertops in ParkgateThe benefits of marble countertops in Parkgate are many. Enjoy those benefits to the fullest by choosing our staff at David Williams to design and fit a countertop that fits perfectly and without flaw into your kitchen or bath. We are well known in the Wirral and respected for our fifty years of experience working with stone. Our staff may not meet the fifty years experience of the owner of this family owned business but they are highly skilled and meet the expected demands for perfection taught them by the owner. Working as a family business with a long-standing presence in the area means we are invested in our community. Therefore,  we at David Williams approach each project as a labour of love. We have confidence that this labour of love is durable because your countertop will last; maybe forever.

Why marble? There are other stone and laminate countertops but in Parkgate, marble countertops still have that luxury look and cool-to-the-touch feel. A white marble free -form countertop gives your kitchen or bath a lite and airy ambiance. Yet it is strong and durable, just like the darker stone. Marble lends itself to shaping under the hand of our experienced and talented stone carvers. Marble countertops, depending on the thickness, is likely to be less expensive than other stone countertops. The only reason it’s cheaper is because it’s plentiful right now. Less cost does not equal less value when investing in marble for your home. It’s always a good investment. Marble is easy to maintain but it should be sealed occasionally.

Marble countertops in Parkgate are distinctive because the marble used is distinguished by its source of origin. Nature creates marble from dolomite using extreme pressure and heat. Impurities trapped in the limestone during the heat treatment results in colour and veining of the stone making it impossible to duplicate. In the hands of our craftsmen, your marble countertop would be a hard working piece of equipment with the artistic beauty of a work of art. Contact David Williams and stop by our showroom to see samples of our marble. Our process for creating your countertop is more in depth than measure twice and cut once. The result is worth the extra effort because your marble countertop is fitted to perfection.

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