Granite Countertops in West Kirby

Granite Countertops in West KirbyAt David Williams our designer craftsmen were installing granite countertops in West Kirby before they became the must-have for all new and refurbished kitchens. Granite stonework countertops are usually an excellent choice because the stone is beautiful and durable. Granite adds substance to kitchen and bath decor; a kind of permanence. Some have called it a serious stone for kitchens where cooking is serious business. The added benefit is when not in use, granite countertops are a point of beauty in the room. Granite countertops have become synonymous with luxury. It seems that all upscale homes, or those that aspire to be upscale, must have granite countertops. It’s as if stone that has been available forever has just been discovered.

While granite is an excellent choice, all granite countertops are not created equal. In West Kirby, granite countertops are now available from other sources where once we were the only supplier. You might visit a remodeller and be surprised at the cost he can offer granite countertops. The truth is, he may be talking about a granite overlay that goes over the top of your existing counter. This is probably the most expensive granite countertop you can buy because the granite overlay is so thin it could crack and the durability promised by substantial solid granite is missing. In fact, the overlay itself may be a composite instead of a thin slice of solid granite. If the price is too good to be true, ask the hard questions.

For authentic thick granite countertops in West Kirby designed to fit and last forever, we think you will like our offerings at David Williams. Our process is to measure your space ourselves and build a template to fit perfectly. We duplicate it using carefully selected granite and install it ourselves. That is how we guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us and let us show you our beautiful selection of granite. Countertops do not have to be a standard size or shape. We can work the stone to the shape and dimensions you choose. Starting from mined stone as our raw material we can design a softer, more rounded flowing look than the standard square cornered rectangle slab. Bring us your ideas.

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