Quartz Worktops in Heswall

Quartz Worktops in HeswallQuartz worktops in Heswall are absolutely perfect for all your kitchen requirements. They are cool for any baking and pastry making you may want to do. They are strong and durable for cutting and chopping and best of all they are so easy to clean. Not just clean but because they are polished they are extremely hygienic as well. Most other worktops end up with scratches which provide the ideal home for harmful bacteria. Even when you are scrupulous about washing with a disinfectant the indentations allow some of the bacteria to survive. With quartz there is no hiding place and they can be removed with one wipe. Manufactured quartz allows all the worktops to be of the same colour and pattern which is not always the case with granite. The manufactured quartz is less brittle than granite and slate and does not crack as easily.

When your kitchen needs a stunning and durable counter surface in Heswall, quartz worktops can be made to fit any shape or size needed in the kitchen. The quartz countertop is very resistant to heat and a hot pan or pot will leave no marks. It will not stain as some of the natural stone does when spills from oil or wine can discolour them. The sealant that is used to prevent the porous nature of natural stone from retaining liquid can wear off. This will leave the stone open to bacteria and staining. Quartz is manufactured and so is sealed throughout the stone. This does not change over time and it will stay this way forever. It is also resistant to mould and mildew.

Quartz worktops in Heswall are stunning as well as hard wearing. Contact David Williams today to find out how affordable our quartz worktops can be. Bring us a sketch of your kitchen and your choice of stone and we will give you an estimate on the project. With over 50 years of experience in our family run business, we will make sure that you get the beautiful kitchen that you deserve.

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