Marble Countertops in Upton – Add a Touch of Class to Your Kitchen

Marble Countertops in Upton Top quality marble countertops in Upton add a touch of class to your interiors.  At David Williams, our team of skilled, trained and friendly professionals can supply and install countertops for your kitchen or vanity efficiently and with minimum disruption. We are pioneers in the Wirral region in this service. We combine state of the art knowledge and technology with traditional customer service. Our methods remain firmly rooted in the conventional ways of connecting with you. We first make a house visit to understand your requirements, offer our suggestions and invite you to our factory to choose the right product. Once this is completed, it’s a matter of templating, cutting, polishing and installing the gorgeously finished countertop.

For homeowners in Upton, marble countertops make a design statement that’s hard to match. The timeless appeal of marble has fascinated homeowners, artists, sculptors and interior designers alike. It is one of the most beautiful stones, and has been known as a luxury building material since ancient times. When we think of marble, the first image that comes to mind is that of pristine white, cool stone. However, there are hundreds of different types available, ranging from white to darker shades of blue, red and brown. These shades come from what the experts call “veining” or the streaks of non-white mineral deposits that exist in the region from where the stone was quarried. Many people prefer non-veined white marble, but others love the multi-coloured effects.

It’s important to choose the best quality for marble countertops in Upton that you can afford. This is to ensure that the veining matches up across the slab, and doesn’t look mismatched as in cheaper products. Our trained craftsmen can give you the right advice and help to choose the type of marble that suits your needs. Marble costs can vary widely, and we can provide the product that can be accommodated in your budget. Contact David Williams for more information on installation, care and maintenance of your countertops. Marble also needs lots of tender, loving care as it is porous and soft. It stains and chips easily and needs regular resealing to preserve its looks.

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