Marble Countertops in Wallasey, a Stunning Addition to Any Kitchen

Marble Countertops in WallaseyIf marble countertops in Wallasey is the only kind you will consider, then good for you. Marble is beautiful and durable. It always adds a feeling of luxury, regardless of where you use it. However, you want your marble countertop to meet high standards of stone quality and of design, creation and installation. At David Williams, our customer satisfaction standards are the highest you will find anywhere. The reason for that is we meet those design, installation and stone quality standards. Marble is easily carved compared to stones such as granite. That’s good because the light delicacy of marble stone lends itself beautifully to a sculpted flowing design or more detailed edging.

Marble is not an overpowering stone so it works well in kitchens and baths. In Wallasey, marble countertops decor can be extended to small corner shelves, windowsills and even tabletops.  In your bathroom, the look of your marble countertop can be extended to the shower enclosure and even the floor. Since marble is not overpowering you can enjoy a lot of it in one room. When shopping for marble, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Some merchants charge high prices because it’s marble, even though the countertop may be of wood with a marble veneer. At David Williams, we start with thick slabs of solid marble with different colour hues. We have a wonderful selection in our showroom from which you may choose.

We start with the basics when designing, making and installing marble countertops in Wallasey. You choose the marble you want from our supplies and we take the measurements for your countertops in your home. From our measurements, we create a template for the exact countertop you want. Then, we check the fit of that template to your home. When it’s exact, we recreate it in marble and personally fit it in your home to perfection. It will stay until someone tears it out or takes the building down. Sealing and polishing will keep it looking new. Contact David Williams when only marble will do for your countertops. It’s more affordable than you might think. We source the marble and custom fit it in your home. There is no outside middleman or labour. We do it all and save you money.

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