Granite Countertops in Wallasey

Granite Countertops in WallaseyMake granite countertops in Wallasey part of your dream kitchen design. David Williams offers top of the range granite and marble services that can transform your interiors in the most special way. We’ve been in business for more than half a century and can safely say that there are very few people in this industry who can match us for range, quality, price and customer service. Ours is a family-owned, family-run business with strong and enduring ties in the local communities we serve. Over the decades, we’ve grown from a modest stone-cutting business in Birkenhead to a custom-designed factory in the prestigious North Cheshire Trading Estate in Prenton where we offer a one-stop service.

For a new look in your home in Wallasey, granite countertops are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Apart from these, you can choose to step off the beaten track with granite dining tables, Lazy Susans, accent shelves, patterned flooring, wall art and more. This is because the basic material is so stunning to look at, offers a dazzling array of choices in terms of colour and texture, is versatile and amazingly tough. Granite is a material that was formed millions of years ago with the constant melting and hardening of rock under the earth’s surface. The stone consists of interlocking grey quartz and white feldspar crystals that combine with a diverse range of minerals including black mica, that give it the gorgeous spectrum of hues and its unique veining. It is extremely heat resistant and doesn’t scratch, blister or chip easily. When polished, it has a brilliant shine that’s hard to match.

You can purchase granite countertops in Wallasey as customised pieces tailored to the dimensions you want. Alternatively, they may also be available in standard, readymade sizes which have been precut, edged, sealed, polished and buffed. When you are looking for granite countertops, contact David Williams. Our highly-trained, friendly team of experienced professionals can give you the right advice and assistance on caring for your beautiful countertop. They are quite easy to maintain and require the use of neutral pH cleaning products. A simple wipe with a soft cloth and dishwashing soap should be enough to keep it sparkling.

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