Quartz Countertops in Birkenhead

Quartz Countertops in BirkenheadQuartz countertops in Birkenhead are an excellent choice for beautiful and durable countertops. If you are dithering about whether it’s the right choice for you when everybody you know has granite, we can help you. There are many similarities but for some, the differences are important. One thing remains the same regardless of your choice and that is our service. We use only quality stone or quartz and we build your countertop the traditional way; measure twice and cut once. Stone is heavy and costly. We want to get it exactly right the first time. We come to your home and take the measurements ourselves. We then build a prototype and if that fits right, it becomes the pattern for cutting the stone to fit and shape as agreed. We then install it with great attention to detail.

One big draw that has propelled quartz to popularity is the abundance of amazing colours and patterns. In Birkenhead, quartz countertops have the look of stone but with stone, you may have difficulty finding just the right colour. Quartz is manufactured so there are more options and greater supply. Finding your true colour is easier. Quartz is engineered instead of mined so it’s environmentally friendly. However, it is heavier than natural stone so we have to make sure the structure the countertop will rest on is strong enough before we even begin to measure. While you’ll need to wipe up spills and clean your quartz countertop with soap and water, that’s about it for maintenance.

If you are comparing quartz countertops in Birkenhead to granite, then we can tell you that quartz is harder than granite to the point of being almost indestructible. Granite is porous and must be sealed yearly to prevent stains and maintain a sanitary surface. Quartz is not porous and never needs to be sealed so it’s much easier to keep your countertop bacteria-free. Hopefully, we have been able to give you some information that will help you finalise your decision regarding quartz countertops. For more information and a price quote, contact us and we’ll arrange an opportunity to visit our showroom and view our stock of quartz. More selections may be available that we can secure from other sources.

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