Quartz Countertops in Ellesmere Port

Quartz Countertops in Ellesmere PortThere is nothing quite like quartz countertops in Ellesmere Port to give your kitchen a brand new look.  The shine and lustre of the stone will turn your kitchen into a stunning room. The wide range of colours will complement whatever colour scheme you choose and the stone is especially durable. The countertops are easy to keep clean and only require a wipe with water and a mild detergent to have them beautifully shiny. They are a man made engineered stone that is created by using crushed stone bound together with resin. This offers a number of benefits not obtainable by granite. The quartz is a non-porous material and its texture does not allow bacteria to grow. It is stain resistant and can cope with high heat. The surface is scratch resistant and can withstand impacts due to the slight flexibility that the resin provides.

When you are looking for a new kitchen you’ll appreciate wonderful cabinetry and stunning stone countertops. In Ellesmere Port, Quartz countertops are one of the most popular choices for very good reason. They are the most hygienic worktops on the market and prevent mould. They require minimal maintenance as there is no need to seal the surfaces. Quartz is also very consistent in terms of colour and pattern as so gives a uniform and ordered look to your kitchen.

Our company manufactures and fits quartz countertops in Ellesmere Port. Contact David Williams today to arrange a visit with one of our team of specialists.  With over 50 years of experience in working with stone, David Williams is a time served, qualified stone mason. We have a wide range of stone at our showroom and workshop and encourage all clients to come and choose the stone that best fits their idea of a perfect kitchen. You’ll be pleased to find out that we are competitively priced and can also fit vanity tops and bath surrounds in stone. We measure and shape the stone to fit perfectly into your kitchen and we install it ourselves are the stone is heavy and takes experience to fit properly.

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