Granite Worktops in Barnston

Granite Worktops in BarnstonElegant granite worktops in Barnston are a must-have for every new kitchen. Natural granite is a wonderfully versatile stone that polishes up to a spectacular shine. It is an igneous rock which is predominantly white, pink or gray in colour. It has a wonderful array of other colours in veins or specks in the rock.  This gives granite its unique colour and interesting colour combinations. This is an immensely hard stone and since it has a melting point of around 1250 degrees Celsius you can safely place hot pots and pans on it without any damage occurring. Granite is mostly made up of silica with many other chemical elements mixed in, in small quantities.

To finish off your kitchen properly in Barnston, granite worktops are necessary. We make sure that we offer a complete service including templating, manufacturing and installing by our own team.  David Williams has been handling stone for over 50 years and was trained as a stone carver in Liverpool. He is also well known for designing and carving beautifully proportioned handmade fireplaces. Worktops and vanity tops are available in granite, marble and quartz. Although granite is a widely dispersed and common rock it can be very coarse and not suitable for use in homes. Only the finest granite is used by us to create worktops and fireplaces.

For the most beautiful and functional granite worktops in Barnston you’ll need a qualified stonemason. Granite has an added benefit in that it has low permeability meaning that liquids struggle to penetrate the rock. Contact David Williams today or visit our showroom and workshop to select the perfect piece of granite for your home. Much of our granite is specially chosen from quarries in Italy and around Europe. It is chosen for the colour and beauty of the stone to give our customers a wide selection of colours and textures. The granite can be an almost solid colour of have widely differing and contrasting colours. It all depends on the unique taste and decor that the customer requires.

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