Quartz Countertops in Frankby

Quartz Countertops in FrankbyInstall quartz countertops in Frankby for great looks, easy maintenance and long life. At David Williams, you have a great selection of designs, patterns and colours to choose from. Our experienced, expert fitters can ensure that your installation is carried out efficiently and smoothly, with minimum disruption to your routine. Quartz is a naturally-occurring stone, but it is also available as an engineered stone. This is manufactured by combining 90% stone powder with 10% resins, pigments and polymers to create an ultra-tough product that resembles natural stone. You can get different effects based on how the product is ground. Smoothness, thickness, glossy or flecked surface are effects that can be achieved through the final grinding process.

When restoring your kitchen in Frankby quartz countertops are easy to install provided you choose the right installation and fitting service. This is certainly not a job for DIY enthusiasts. Our expert installers ensure that the product is fitted well, and any joints are properly sealed. Being a versatile, strong and attractive product, quartz is the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is heat resistant, so you can safely place hot items on it. It’s non-porous, so you don’t have to be worried about bacterial or fungus infestation or get stressed about spillages. A quick wipe and your quartz countertop is as hygienic, bright and fresh as new. These products are extremely popular in both residential and commercial buildings. Their gloss and shine add to the appeal of your kitchen and other spaces. They’re available in a wide variety of prices too, depending on the quality of manufacture. It’s important to select a good quality and not base your choice purely on price.

You may have to ensure that your quartz countertops in Frankby don’t get too much exposure to direct sunlight. This can cause the colours to fade in the parts that get too much UV exposure. Being a modern, hassle-free, stylish and contemporary looking product, quartz is the perfect choice for your kitchen or bath. Contact David Williams for more information about our quartz countertops.  Our products are not only of premium quality, they’re also affordable and practical.

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