Marble Worktops in Prenton

Marble Worktops in PrentonMarble worktops in Prenton are popular in many kitchens and kitchenettes. These worktops are a lavish installation for any household. David Williams is among the top companies that handle marble and granite installations of worktops. We have designer artisans specialised in fitting worktops in manufactured quartz, natural granite and marble. Of the three options, marble seems to have more clout amongst interior designers and homeowners. Marble is a crystalline form of limestone, a naturally occurring rock.  This stone has been used in kitchen worktops for a very long time and has been a symbol of class. It has a great look and an excellent feel.

A worktop must be sturdy and effective at heat insulation. In Prenton, marble worktops are the most popular choice for kitchen worktops. Marble is porous and this makes it a poor conductor of heat. Consequently, marble work surfaces tend to be cooler than the room temperature. This quality makes marble superior to granite. Marble is cool to touch and this stimulates a subconscious reaction that makes it appealing. If you often work pastry in your kitchen, the cool surface of marble worktops makes everything easier. Regarding looks, marble is considered the most beautiful stone used for kitchen work-surfaces. It has a striking appearance that is subtle and can blend with any interior design. Pure limestone yields white marble but several other colour options are available for worktops. At David Williams, we have a variety of marble worktops to select from and our installations are sure to impress you.

For the right value for money, marble worktops in Prenton are the way to go. Although marble and stone prices are sensitive to global markets, common types like Carrara marble command lower prices. David Williams offers the best deals for marble countertops. Our dedicated team offer sound advice on which worktop to go for. We measure the area of installation and proceed to cut, polish and seal the stone. Considering installation is a very delicate procedure, we only call the best from our workforce to do the job. Call us today for quality marble worktops. Our installations never disappoint.

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