Granite Worktops in Irby

Granite Worktops in IrbyYou are probably familiar with David Williams’ fireplaces but do you know about our granite worktops in Irby? We bring the same careful attention to detail to our worktops and of course each worktop is customised to fit and installed to perfection. Granite is the first choice for kitchen remodels and for new builds. Kitchen design has gone from purely functional, to attractive with matching appliances to elegance. Granite is popular today because it brings its own elegance to your kitchen. The stone is beautiful with choices of colours and veining that make each stone unlike any other. The finish can be a soft satin look or high shine, whichever you prefer. Don’t let the beauty of granite fool you into thinking it’s just for looks.

Today’s luxury kitchens have not exchanged functionality for elegant good looks. In fact, in Irby, granite worktops from David Williams takes your kitchen to a new level of functionality. Granite is the ideal material for worktops. The porosity, hardness and durability of our granite worktops means it will look good for many years. All natural stone is somewhat porous so we recommend a penetrating sealer for granite to protect against stains. Other than that, under normal use in the kitchen, you can set hot pans on it, cut and chop without scratching or cracking and wipe it down a dozen times a day. When used as a breakfast bar, it is strong enough to extend over the cabinet foundation without cracking.

When you work with us at David Williams to design and install your granite worktops in Irby you can be sure the outcome will be perfect. We don’t cut the stone to about the right size and then make it fit when we get to your house. In our fifty years of experience, we have stayed with the old school method that works the best. First, we build a template; when that is perfectly fitted in your kitchen we take it back to the shop and build your worktop from the template. Contact David Williams and come by and view our selection of granite. There is no material more cost effective because we expect that worktop to still be firmly installed in your kitchen 30 years from now. Consider granite for your baths, laundry room and craft room as well.

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