Quartz Worktops in Neston

Quartz Worktops in NestonQuartz worktops in Neston are manufactured stone. They are a blend of 93 % quartz and 7 % resin.The quartz can be manufactured in a variety of colours and patterns. They do not stain when liquids are accidentally spilt on them. They are heavier and more durable than granite but must be professionally installed for perfect fit.  As with all stone countertops that are large, there will be seams, but these can be less visible if you choose a solid colour. With granite you will never be able to hide the seams as the natural veins in the stone are always visible and the join can easily be seen. Both stones will look stunning in your kitchen and it is just a matter of taste as to the colour and pattern you choose.

When you have your dream kitchen fitted in Neston, quartz worktops are high on the list of requirements. Granite worktops should be sealed every year to prevent staining unlike the quartz countertop. Granite is a natural stone and can chip whereas the resin in the quartz worktop allows a little flexibility. Both will last a lifetime and more so that once fitted properly your kitchen will always have brilliant shiny worktops. Our company has been making counter tops and fireplaces for more than 50 years and David Williams is a trained stone carver. We are extremely proud of our history of stone work and our family will be delivering the same top quality products for many more years

Quartz worktops in Neston are beautiful and extremely durable. Contact David Williams today to arrange a visit from us and a look at our huge range of quartz, granite and marble worktops.  We have many years of experience in working with stone and were the pioneers in the Wirral. Our helpful and dedicated staff will make templates of the areas you require worktops and will advise you of the benefits of the different stone.  Quartz is especially good for worktops as it is non-porous and does not require sealing. Quartz is a maintenance free solution for worktops.

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