Marble Countertops in Caldy

Marble Countertops in CaldyMarble countertops in Caldy can make your kitchen look stylish and attractive again. Are you struggling to keep your kitchen counters and surfaces clean? Various food products leave stains over time, and general ageing can lead to discolourations, while exposure to heat and moisture can cause warping, peeling and uneven surfaces. Avoid all of this with new marble countertops. Marble is tough and durable, and will not suffer the effects of time and a busy kitchen. What’s more, honed or polished marble is amazingly easy to clean, with a simple spritz of surface cleaner and a wipe down. Marble does not hold moisture, odours or food particles that will ruin your food preparation.

As well as being economical and effective for kitchen surfaces in Caldy, marble countertops also look fantastic. Speak to David Williams to arrange a custom made marble countertop for your kitchen. We have over forty different styles of granite and marble that we can turn into a stunning, durable countertop. Our service begins with a house visit to discuss your requirements and ideas and to get a feel for the area in which your countertop will be installed. You will be invited to visit our factory to pick the most attractive marble for your tastes, as well as get advice on which would best suit your needs. With careful templating, cutting and polishing, we will craft a marble countertop that looks incredible, and install it in your kitchen with precision and expertise.

We have more than fifty years of experience in working with stone, and marble countertops in Caldy are one of our specialties. Our firm is family owned and managed to bring you personalised attention and service. Contact David Williams for marble countertops that do it all. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and have an eye for detail and quality that will ensure you get the most exquisite countertop imaginable. Marble, although very durable, is a softer stone and will need resealing every year or so, which we are happy to do for you. Speak to us today for stunning, top quality marble countertops.

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