Quartz Countertops in Caldy

Quartz Countertops in CaldyInterested in quartz Countertops in Caldy instead of granite? What’s the difference when both materials are beautiful and durable? Granite is a polished stone slab. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the earth and offers more versatility because it’s available in more colours. You can choose from natural earthy colours, whites, blue, golds, black and browns. For more options, during fabrication of quartz worktops, decorative glass and metallic is added to enhance the chosen colour. If you have a particular colour scheme that’s a must have for your kitchen, quartz will be easier to decorate around.  Quartz worktops is a unique option made available to you in many colours at David Williams Designs.

Quartz worktops manufactured and installed by David Williams team is a solid choice. In Caldy quartz countertops are not only hard and durable but they are not porous. That means they do not have to be sealed to prevent absorption of stains and bacteria growth. This characteristic makes quartz countertops easier to maintain than some other countertop choices. Granite and marble are excellent choices but if you want your kitchen to have a touch of individuality, you can do it with quartz without giving up the use of a natural product or the quality. We are eager to show you some of our designs using metal flake and coloured glass additions for a custom look.

David Williams designs, manufactures and installs quartz countertops in Caldy. We bring 50 years of experience working with the natural resources produced by Earth and bringing them into your home as beautiful and useful products. We will visit your home to note where your quartz countertop is to be installed. Knowing where it will be used is helpful in our design efforts. We’ll build a template and fit that in your kitchen first and then manufacture the final product. We do not install until we have your final approval.  Contact David Williams and come by our showroom to see the unique designs we have created from quartz. If you have a design in mind tell us about it and we’ll create it for you.

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