Granite Worktops for Sale in Birkenhead

Granite Worktops for Sale in BirkenheadWhat is all the hype about granite worktops for sale in Birkenhead? Everybody is remodeling their kitchen and baths with granite counters. New homebuilders are putting them in their new builds. It is as if granite has just been discovered when in fact it has been around forever. Maybe we have just taken a fifty year leave of common sense while we had this magnificent love affair with plastic products. Now that the landfills are full of it because we had to replace the cheap stuff every few years, perhaps we have had enough. Natural products have always been the best value for beauty and longevity. The Egyptians believed it, which is likely why they built pyramids from granite.

David Williams was once the only place on the Wirral to purchase granite and other stone products. Now in Birkenhead, granite worktops for sale can found at a few shops that have jumped on the bandwagon. However, we still provide the same service we always have. We come to your home to measure and you come to our shop to choose from over 40 different styles of granite. We make a template and cut the stone to fit. When you approve it, we install it. Every worktop is custom cut and fitted by craftsmen with vast experience and a talent and love for working in stone.

Granite worktops for sale in Birkenhead from David Williams are structured for strength. During the formation of the stone, the crystals interlock and that is where granite gets it strength. That is also how the grain is developed. So if you see a family member chopping onions directly on the work top, worry about damage to the knife not the granite worktop. If you want beautiful worktops and expect to be able to use them worry free then contact David Williams about granite worktops for sale. Come by our showroom and let us show you the many colour and designs for your kitchen, bath, laundry room and hobby room. Granite is an affordable stone made even more so by its longevity. It’s easy to care for and stays looking new for many years.

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