Marble Countertops in Parkgate Add a Beautiful Statement to Your Kitchen

Marble Countertops in Parkgate For beautiful marble countertops in Parkgate, speak with our designer craftsmen. We offer a complete service. Hence, this includes template making, manufacturing and installation by our own team.  Marble is a rock that forms metamorphically. It is found in a sedimentary form like limestone and dolomite. Thereafter it is subject to severe pressure and heat. This, in turn produces the beautiful stone that it is. Marble is an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop. It is clean and offers a stylish and elegant look. It is also cool to the touch, and this makes it ideal for baking. Furthermore, it can handle heat, so if you put a hot pot on it, it will not damage it.

As marble is a softer stone than granite, it can cut easier to create the design you have in mind. As such, in Parkgate, marble countertops offer many benefits. They are an ideal choice for your kitchen makeover. With a marble countertop, you’ll have a stylish looking kitchen. It will add value to your property too. Speak to us about a new marble countertop for your home. We will discuss the best design for your kitchen and draw a template of the proposed countertop. Once you are happy with the design, our experts will begin manufacturing the countertop. In addition, we will install the countertop in your kitchen. You will be delighted with the result.

We design, manufacture, and install marble countertops in Parkgate. Contact David Williams today or visit our showroom to see the huge range of stone available. David Williams has more than 50 years of experience handling stone and is a fully qualified, time served, stone mason. Our family-run business also designs and creates fireplaces out of stone for homes for an eye-catching statement piece. Choosing a marble countertop for your kitchen is an excellent idea. It is best to use the services of an experienced craftsman for an excellent result. We are available to assist you with a stunning new marble countertop for your kitchen makeover.

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