Upgrade Your Kitchen with Marble Countertops in Wallasey, Made by a Professional

Marble Countertops in WallaseyRamp up your style quotient with marble countertops in Wallasey. Our dazzling array of colours and finishes, combined with our high standards of workmanship is what our clients value about David Williams. We are a well-established, highly reputed firm of master craftsmen working in marble and granite. We have more than half a century’s experience in this business and are proud to be known as one of the leading firms in this region. David Williams himself is a highly-skilled, trained and expert stone carver, and runs the family owned business successfully. We are also well-known for our signature fireplaces that combine beauty with functionality.

We have a team of talented and accomplished craftsmen, whose focus is on excellence and personalised service. In Wallasey, marble countertops are both classic and contemporary. They combine elegance, strength and timeless beauty, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to your kitchen and work areas. This metamorphic rock based stone has been millions of years in the making. Starting out as limestone, it goes through intense heat and pressure to become a crystalline rock. Other elements and minerals, sand, silt, and clay in the earth get embedded in the process, resulting in the beautiful and unique shades and veining in the stone. It’s almost impossible to find two similar pieces of marble, making it one of the most unique and attractive options for interior decoration.

We can also give you useful tips on caring for your lovely marble countertops in Wallasey. Marble is porous and a high-maintenance material. However, it thrives on lots of tender, loving care. Avoid harsh cleaning products and don’t place very hot things directly on it. Marble is also vulnerable to scratches, chipping and staining. Our craftsmen can help you select the right marble for your countertops. You can choose from different shades other than the commonly known whites and greys. Look for unusual colours such as black, yellow, gold, pink, blue shades and veining. Contact David Williams for beautiful marble countertops. Most issues can be avoided if a good sealant is used. In fact, the real charm of marble is in the “patina” that comes with age and use.

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