Quartz Countertops in Caldy

Quartz Countertops in CaldyHaving quartz countertops in Caldy makes your home stand out from the rest, as using quartz is a change from incorporating the traditional materials such as marble. David Williams will not only provide you with this material, but also have it fitted for you by a team of experts. For over 50 years, he has been handling stone, so who better to handle your countertop needs? Our family-run business is more than producing a piece of art that will have you smiling every time you look at it. Attention to detail is key, and its overall blending with the other aspects of the home is important.

Marble has always been seen as the go-to material for eye-catching countertops in many places. In Caldy, quartz countertops work just as well as marble countertops, having the same appeal but come with other attractive properties. They are man-made slabs of stone, being made up of 90% quartz and 10% binding polymers. Because of their high quartz content, they are hard and durable, meaning they’ll last long. This eliminates the need of having them replaced ever so often, especially since a lot of dishes may be used on them over and over again. Secondly, the countertops are non-porous. There is no presence of cracks or holes where spills could sink into. This is beneficial in that because no spillage penetrates through the material and damages the integrity of the material, there is no bacterial growth that is encouraged, which leaves the countertop more sanitary for use. Additionally, with their variety of styles and colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice and pick one knowing you’ll probably be the only one with the type you’ve chosen, ensuring a bespoke look.

David Williams is ready to supply the best quartz countertops in Caldy. Contact us today for a full and comprehensive service. We also supply and fit granite and marble countertops, and can make the most beautiful fireplaces for your home. Our customer service is of a high standard, and our workmanship second to none. And, with our competitive prices, you’ll be enjoying your new quartz countertops in no time.

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