Granite Worktops in Meols

Granite Worktops in MeolsDo you dream of remodelling your kitchen with granite worktops in Meols but fear they will look like an afterthought? It’s more common for kitchens to be totally remodelled with new cabinets, fixtures, flooring, appliances, lighting, and worktops. Everything is installed at the same time and fits together as one. You like everything about your kitchen, except the worktops. You want granite worktops and you want them to look as if they were installed when the house was built. It can be done but you will need a highly skilled, conscientious installer who works with precision. At David Williams, those are the skills we cultivate as designers and craftsmen working with granite.

David Williams has been stoneworkers for fifty years and installing granite countertops long before they became trendy for high end kitchens. On the Wirral and in Meols, granite worktops by David Williams were among the first. You may choose granite because all the best kitchens have beautiful granite worktops and they add value to your home. You will become a true believer in the practicality of granite once you live and work with it. It’s really an all-round win for you. We have forty different colours of granite from which you may choose so we are confident you will find an aesthetically pleasing choice. Granite is hard, durable and heat resistant. With proper maintenance it will last forever.

When we install granite worktops in Meols, we begin with solid granite; not laminates. It’s very heavy. Remember Dad said to measure twice and cut once? We create a custom template, make sure that fits just so and when it does, we use it to create your custom granite worktop. It will fit so perfectly; as if it was built with the house. We guarantee our customers satisfaction. Contact David Williams if a granite worktop is in your kitchen or bath plans. Granite is a cost effective upgrade, adds a subtle flash and sparkle to the room, and makes everyday kitchen chores more enjoyable. High quality stone and craftsmanship from David Williams will separate your granite worktops from the ordinary.

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