Marble Countertops in Greasby

Marble Countertops in GreasbyWhy are you choosing marble countertops in Greasby when most everyone else is choosing granite? When you buy from David Williams, either is an excellent choice but you should go with what you like. There are many reasons to choose the pearlescent shine and beauty of marble. Marble has a unique veining in various colour hues created deep in the earth over thousands of years. Marble coordinates with all cabinetry but we at David Williams especially like it with lighter wood tones. If you choose today’s new painted style of cabinetry, the light eggshell look of marble won’t weigh down the light and lively look. It’s easy to fit the same marble from your countertop to decorative shelving, window sills and even a kitchen table top. Whether light and breezy or light and sophisticated, marble is right at home.

No matter how lovely stonework looks it still has to be of practical use for a kitchen countertop. For kitchens in Greasby, marble countertops aren’t just a pretty surface; they are strong and durable. They do require correct care, as do all countertops, but nothing extraordinary. Marble is more porous so when we at David Williams create your marble countertop we will provide care instructions. For instance sealing the marble once a year will help prevent stains and special cleaners will remove stains. Acidic foods may cause etching so prepare them on a cutting board. Marble is a cool stone, so it’s great for pastry dough preparation. You might like a marble surfaced cutting board to use as you would with any other countertop surface.

Because marble is plentiful, it is more affordable than other stones but marble countertops in Greasby are incomparably elegant. Contact us or come to our showroom and shop where you will see a variety of marble stone from which to choose your countertop. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority which is why we take great care and extra steps creating a stone countertop that fits perfectly. Because marble is a softer stone, we can get more creative with rounded corners and natural freeflow wave instead of just rectangles. We do not install your marble countertop until you give us your full approval of the shape and carving. Once installed, it will fit as if built with the house.

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