Quartz Countertops in Hoylake

Quartz Countertops in HoylakeQuartz countertops in Hoylake can make kitchen makeovers and renovations even more fabulous and classy looking. These very attractive and durable worktops available at David Williams are a great choice for modern interior designers because of the distinctive wow factor they provide to your kitchen. Quartz worktops are also known as “engineered stone counter-tops” these gorgeous articles are made by industrially combining 90% powdered or ground quartz with 10% pigments, polymers and resins to create a very hard surface with the hardness of granite. The final look is based on how finely the quartz is powdered or ground and can either result in a smooth, glossy look, or a flecked look. Quartz is a very abundant, naturally-occurring material, but the environmental impact of the resins, polymers and pigments may compromise its “natural” label.

However, these countertops are extremely hard-wearing, stain-resistant and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking fresh, glossy and clean. In Hoylake, quartz countertops are chosen for the modern look they lend to contemporary interior kitchen design. They’re also non-porous, tough and crack resistant, don’t require sealants and are available in a wide palette of colors to suit your design preferences. All you need is a mild soap solution and a soft cloth to wipe them clean in a jiffy. Since it’s non-porous, quartz doesn’t harbor bacteria or other micro-organisms, making it the ideal material for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Since they’re manufactured products, quartz countertops in Hoylake are available in a greater variety of colours and designs as compared to natural stones like marble or granite. When finished professionally at our facility, quartz acquires a rich and luxurious look and feel. Currently, quartz countertops are enjoying huge popularity and they’re a tempting alternative to ubiquitous stone countertops. If you are interested in quartz countertops, contact David Williams. Unlike stone, quartz countertops resist stains from oils, wine, spices, liquids and cleaning products, so they’re a boon to the busy modern home-maker. Quartz is easier to work with since it is held in place using glue. However you do need an expert professional to install it, as it’s certainly not a DIY job.

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